»The healthy maintenance of your teeth is our ultimate goal.«

The first step is knowledge

Our dental reconstructions will never be better than nature. This knowledge guides our thinking and our treatment: We want to preserve, what nature gave us.  

We prefer to build up

We can of course replace teeth with implants and install crowns on tooth stumps. This doesn’t change the fact that: every natural tooth, which can be preserved is better than any implant. Your own healthy teeth are always better than any replacement, however few are left.  

What we’re proud of

This treatment concept is the key to our two decades of success. In that time we’ve managed to save any number of teeth believed lost. We fitted partial crowns on teeth to be fitted with full jacket crowns and thus saved healthy teeth.  

Gaining time

If what was once a weak tooth is finally lost we can initiate treatment steps these days that are the product of many years of development and experience.  

Experts for the whole

Our practice now consists of a team of specialised dentists covering all fields of dental medicine and using state-of-the-art treatment methods. Our main emphasis is the preservation of your teeth, reconstructing lost teeth using minimally invasive methods and holistic dental treatment.