Dr. Delia Daniello

Dr. Delia Daniello

… set up the specialised dentist centre with her husband Dr. Peter Hess. Special areas of activity are minimally invasive front tooth corrections with highly aesthetic composite materials (Courses: Dr. D. Dietschi, Geneva // Dr. Spreafico, Italy// Dr. A. Fahl, Brazil). Since 1997 she has intensively been gathering knowledge and educating herself in the fields of electroacupuncture, homeopathy, and naturopathic medicine for dental medicine. In addition to this, she is certified as a pediatric dentist. As a dental partner to the kinder gardens St. Justina and Aureus, Oberursel and the Taunus International Montessori School (TIMS) her team and she are working together with the children and their parents to ensure healthy and clean teeth. She is member of the “Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Zahnmedizin” and the “Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kinderzahnheilkunde”.