Dental hygienists

Meike Dorn

… found the subject fascinating during a practical period as a pupil and she still is fascinated. Innumerable young and old patients have learnt how to brush and how to keep their teeth healty from her. She particularly likes dealing with patients over many years. Her hobbies are Nordic walking in the Taunus mountains, horses and above all her daughter.


Meike Dorn has kept up her training, first to a qualified dental employee and is now a qualified dental medicine assistant (ZMF). Since 1994 responsible for the dental hygiene in our practice.

Ina Natale

… likes thoroughness. Cases involving a lot of work are her thing. As is teaching dental hygiene. Ina has a calm personality always willing to listen. Her hobbies include cycling, travelling and cooking with her husband.

Ina Natale commenced training as a dental assistant in 1978. She then switched to a desk job with a health insurance authority, where she was responsible for dental cost and treatment plans and correspondence with expert assessors. She returned to practical dentistry after maternal leave. She qualified as a dental medicine assistant (ZMF) and has worked for us as a dental hygienist since 2010.

Ada Garofano-Cichos

… contributes sensitivity and »calm«. She likes seeing frightened patients surmounting their fears and even eventually looking forward to visiting us. Professional teeth cleaning and dental prophylaxis aren’t all life has to offer. She’s an opera fan, likes films and above all her family.

Ada Garofano-Cichos is a qualified dental medical assistant. She qualified in 2001 as a dental prophylaxis assistant and has kept up to date in this field ever since. Ada has been working for us since 2004.

Katarina D´Antoni

… found her way into dental medicine, thanks to the regular visits to her dentist and her use of dental materials and instruments. Nowadays the trust of her patients is a big part of her motivation. In order to keep this trust she works with great care and accuracy, yet always happy and with a positive attitude. At home she enjoys the company of her family with two children. In addition regular visits to puppet performances and walks in the wild are a part of her everyday life as well.
Ms. D’Antoni began her vocational training in 2001 and worked from 2004 in the area around Frankfurt and Bad Homburg. After further training and education she became a dental specialist in 2008. Ms. D’Antoni has been looking after our patients in the area of dental hygiene since 2011 only with a brief pause due to her maternity leave.

Miranda Read de Stern

Care of patients


… started her education as a dental assistant in 2005. Following this, she took the next step and completed her education as a dental administrative assistant (ZMV). During the succeeding years, Tea realized that she enjoyed both the connection with people as well as administrative and organizational tasks.
During her free time she, on one hand, likes to cook with close friends and, on the other hand, can spend hours taking walks in nature. Tea has now been working in our patient service and care, as well as in our practice administration since 2017.


… completed her education from 2012 to 2015 in our office and subsequently finished her Fachabitur. After successfully receiving her Fachabitur she gathered knowledge and experience in diverse areas of studies. 2019 she returned to our office and team.
She is very committed in the area of patient service, administration and accounting and is always open for any kind of concerns a patient might have.
In her free time, she likes to read and bake, as well as go for a hike or meet with family and friends. Furthermore, Annika is an active member in animal welfare organizations.

Anja Traiser

… began her education as a dental assistant in Bad Homburg and has worked in our office since 1990, with a small break due to her maternity leave from 2004-2007.
Due to the fact that awareness for others, as well as helpfulness have always been important to her, we are happy to have Ms. Traiser on our team. She supports our office in the areas of administration and reception.
Ms. Traiser likes to spend her leisure time with friends and family. Further she goes nordic walking, does fitness or aquajogging and additionally supports as a volunteer social and youth projects.

Aufnahme der Rezeption der Zahnarztpraxis in Oberusel

Andrea Saluvar