Dr. Peter Hess

… opened his dental practice in 1990 in Oberursel and has been systematically expanding it since 1992. He and his wife Dr. Delia Daniello extend the practice to the centre for specialised dentists it now is.

His dental medicine interests and specialisations include minimally invasive restorative dental medicine, reconstruction of damaged periodontal systems and anterior teeth aesthetic dentistry. He also specialises in crown and bridge dentistry using implants as a basis. Dr. Hess has been a member since 2005 of the »Dental Clinic of the University of Basle’s 1000 Club« headed by Prof. Dr. C. P. Marinello.

Lebenslauf anzeigen


1978 General qualification for university entrance (Abitur)
at the classical grammar school in St. Johan Amoeneburg, Germany


19781981 Trained as dental technician


19811987 Teacher at the “Institut fuer Bildung Erwachsener” in the dental technology department.


19811987 Studied medicine and dental medicine at the Goethe University. Passed state exams in dental medicine and subsequently passed his doctorate to become a qualified dentist at the Clinic for Radiation Therapy in Frankfurt on Main


19871990 Dentist in Dr. Dietmar Schneider’s practice in Frankfurt on Main


19901991 Teacher of dental nurses at the Julius Leber School in Frankfurt on Main


1990 Opened his own dental practice in Oberursel, Germany


2009 Certification in Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Delia Daniello

… set up the specialised dentist centre with her husband Dr. Peter Hess. Special areas of activity are minimally invasive front tooth corrections with highly aesthetic composite materials (Courses: Dr. D. Dietschi, Geneva // Dr. Spreafico, Italy// Dr. A. Fahl, Brazil). Since 1997 she has intensively been gathering knowledge and educating herself in the fields of electroacupuncture, homeopathy, and naturopathic medicine for dental medicine. In addition to this, she is certified as a pediatric dentist. As a dental partner to the kinder gardens St. Justina and Aureus, Oberursel and the Taunus International Montessori School (TIMS) her team and she are working together with the children and their parents to ensure healthy and clean teeth. She is member of the “Gesellschaft für Ganzheitliche Zahnmedizin” and the “Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kinderzahnheilkunde”.

Lebenslauf anzeigen


1985 General qualification for university entrance (Abitur) at the St. Lioba Institut Bad Nauheim


19851990 Studied dental medicine at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz where she passed her state exam and subsequently passed her doctorate at the Institut fuer Anaesthesie (Anaesthetics Institute) of Mainz University


19901992 Practiced overseas at Hadassa University in Jerusalem and in Vancouver, Canada


19911994 Dentist in the practices of Dr. B. Gruner (Mainz) and Dr. P. Hess (Oberursel)


19941995 Own practice in Emden


Since 1996 In practice with Dr. P. Hess. Expanded and modernised the practice, making it a centre for specialised dentists


– Intensive training in paediatric dental medicine

– Reconstruction of anterior and posterior teeth with plastics

– Trained in diagnosis and treatment using the electroacupuncture methods of Dr. Voll and Dr. Huth (Lubeck) and took intensive training courses in homoeopathic and naturopathic dental medicine


2005 Approved and certified as paediatric dentist

Dr. Anke Moeller-de Beer

… has specialised since her student days in paediatric dental medicine and is an expert in conservative and restorative dental medicine. She is a member of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde” and the “Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Kinderzahnheilkunde“ .

Lebenslauf anzeigen


From 1993 Studied dental medicine at the Georg August University, Goettingen


1999 State examination in dental medicine


19992000 Research assistant at the “Physiologischen Institut” in Goettingen working for Prof. Dr. Zippel to obtain a  doctorate degree


20012002 Research Assistant in the Conservative Dental Medicine, Periodontology and Paediatric Dental Medicine department of Cologne University


2002 Award of doctorate Dr. med. dent.


20022004 Assistant dentist in the practice of Bernhard Erzberger in Goettingen


20042008 Resident dentist in the Dr. Niemann / Dr. Wende / Dr. Moeller-de Beer group practice


2006 Certified as a paediatric dentist


Since 2009 Resident dentist in our preventive dentistry and prophylaxis practice


Since 2010 Curriculum endodontology at Prof. Trope (University Philadelphia)

Dr. Katja Baukloh

… works in our practice as a dentist and is currently obtaining her doctorate at the Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt. She specialises in conservative dental medicine and hypnotherapy. She is a member of the “Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferheilkunde” and “Deutsche Gesellschaft für Hypnose und Hypnotherapie”.

Lebenslauf anzeigen


1991 General qualification for university entrance (Abitur) at the Gymnasium Bad Iburg


19911994 Trained as an optician


19951998 Worked as an optician in St. Gallen (Switzerland)


19982002 Started a family (2 daughters)


20022004 Dental medicine studies at Cologne University


20042008 Dental medicine studies at Goethe University, Frankfurt


2008 Licensure as a dentist


20092011 Assistant dentist in our preventive dentistry and prophylaxis practice


Since 2011 Employed as dentist in our practice


2014 Award of her doctorate at the Klinik fuer Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie at Goethe University, Frankfurt

Alexander Boddin

… has been working as a dentist in our practice since the start of 2013. His dental medicine interests and specializations include minimally invasive restorative dental medicine and dental surgery. Dr. Boddin is a member of the „Gesellschaft für Ästhetische Zahnheilkunde“.

Lebenslauf anzeigen


2006 Acquired general qualification for university entrance (Abitur) at the Karl-Friedrich Schinkel Gymnasium in Neuruppin


20062007 Stay abroad in Canada and South Africa


20072012 Study of dental medicine at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz


2011 Employment as medical assistant in the dental emergency service of the Johannes Gutenberg University


2012 Acquired licensure for dental medicine


2013–2015 Assistant dentist in our preventive dentistry and prophylaxis practice


Since 2015 Employed as a dentist in our practice


2016 Certification in aesthetic dentistry


2017 Award of his doctorate at the Klinik fuer Mund-, Kiefer- und Gesichtschirurgie at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz

Dr. Hannah Braumann

… became part of our team in May 2015. After successfully finishing her studies in dentistry as the most promising of her semester at Frankfurt University in July 2014, she is currently working on her doctor thesis in the Department of occupational, social and environmental medicine (head: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. David Groneberg).

Lebenslauf anzeigen

Abitur at the Gymnasium Andreanum in Hildesheim

Study of Dentistry at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt/Main

Scholarship holder at Deutschlandstipendium

Licence to practice dental medicine

Since May 2015
She is working as an assistant dentist in our dental practice for preventive dentistry and prophylaxis (Dr. Hess, Dr. Daniello and colleagues)

Award of her doctorate

Jil-Julia Sure

… successfully completed her studies in December 2017 and has been working as an assistant doctor in our practice since June 2018. Already during her studies, she worked in dental emergency services, as a tutor for younger students, as well as on her doctoral thesis about splint therapy and sports splints. She is also a member of the DGZMK, DGParo and DGOI.

Lebenslauf anzeigen

2011 Abitur at the Hochrhein Gymnasium in Waldshut-Tiengen  
2012-2017 Studied dental medicine at the Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main, Germany 
2015-2017 Assistant in the dental emergency service of the University of Frankfurt, tutor for students of the pre-clinic  
2017 License to practice dentistry  
Since Juni 2018 Assistant dentist in our practice for preventive dentistry and prophylaxis (Dr. Hess, Dr. Daniello and Colleagues)  
Since 2017-heute Doctoral student at the Institute of Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine with a focus on splint therapy and sports splints          

Dr. Jesko Schuppan

… is an external specialist since 2009 in implantology and oral surgery in our practice. He’s a qualified expert in implant surgery and works as a consultant in Germany and other countries as well as in his own practice in Cologne.

Lebenslauf anzeigen


19952001 Dental medicine studies at the Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg


2005 Award of doctorate Dr. med. dent. at the Albert Ludwigs University, Freiburg 


2000 Training sessions at the Oral, Mandibular and Facial Surgery department of Stellenbosch University, South Africa


20012003 Assistant to Dr. Oliver Pontius in Bad Homburg


20032006 Research Assistant at the Oral, Mandibular and Facial Surgery department of Marburg University’s clinic under  Prof. Dr. Dr. K.-H. Austermann


Since 2006 Implantology and oral surgery work in the practice of his father, Dr. Dr. Knut Schuppan in Cologne


2005-2007 Curriculum implantology, DGI – Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Implantologie e.V (= German Implantology Society)


2007 Appointment as dental medical specialist in oral surgery


2007 Certification in implantology by the DGI


Since 2009 Group practice of Drs. Knut & Jesko Schuppan, Cologne and managing director of the CIC (Cologne Implant Centre) GmbH, Cologne


Since 2009 External consultant in implantology to our preventive dentistry and prophylaxis practice

Congresses and further training courses our dental team has attended in 2018


  • Innovationen bei Komposites und Keramik / Prof. Dr. Roland Frankenberger, Marburg
  • Endodontie – wo stehen wir heute? / Prof. Dr. Edgar Schäfer, Münster
  • Prophylaxe für alle? / Prof. Dr. Johannes Einwag, Stuttgart
  • Der alte Patient beim Zahnarzt- worauf sich das Praxisteam einstellen sollte / Prof. Dr. Frauke Müller, Genf
  • PAR- State of the Art / Prof. Dr. Dr. Sören Jepsen, Bonn
  • Plastische Prodontologie- Operationsverfahren für die Praxis / Dr. Raphael Borchard, Münster
  • Komplexe Fälle im Spektrum der gesamten Zahnmedizin / Dr. Josef Diemer, Meckenbeuren


    Working group Periodontology

  • Modernes Weichgewebsmanagment um Zähne und Implantate / Prof. A.Kasaj


    Vocational training at the universities of Zurich and Basel, Switzerland

  • Protetic Revolution, Tradition vs. Innovation / Dr. Mauro Fradeani, Pesaro
  • Maximizing Esthetics in Functional Rehabilitations trough Teamwork / Dr. S. Aimplee DDS, Aram
    Torosian MDC, CDT, AS
  • Symposium rund um das Kiefergelenk: Fehlfunktion und Regeneration


    Vocational training in Germany

  • Dental School Tübingen, Deutscher Prophylaxe Tag 2018 / Prof. Dr. Rainer Hahn
  • Akupunktur und Hypnose / Drs. Engels, David M.SC
  • Unbewusste Lösungsblockaden überwinden / Prof.Dr. Bohne, Hannover
  • Die postendodontische Restauration / Arbeitskreistreffen
  • Endo Essentials / Arbeitskreistreffen
  • Spezialkurs im Strahlenschutz DVT

Congresses and further training courses our dental team has attended in 2016 / 2017

  • Klinische Funktionsanalyse und manuelle Strukturanalyse / Prof. Dr. Buhmann, Hamburg
  • Kongress: Fränkischer Zahnärztetag, Bamberg – Parodontitiskonzepte und Lösungen für den Praxisalltag
  • Die Behandlung des Abrasionsgebisses / Prof. Gutowski, München
  • Kombinierte Paro-Endo-Läsionen / Dr. Pontius, Study Group
  • Chairside – Versorgung im Frontzahngebiet – Heutiger Stand / Peter Neumann
  • Der stark zerstörte Zahn – Erhalt versus Ersetzen /
    Prof. Dr. Stefan Wolfart
  • Ehrenamtliche Arbeit beim Johanniter Sommerlager 2017 für Menschen mit Handicap
  • CAD/CAM Technologie in der Zahntechnik und Zahnmedizin / PD Dr. Florian Beuer
  • Ästhetische Zahnmedizin: Fallplanung und Abschlussprüfung / Dr. Dieter Reusch
  • Aktualisierung der Fachkunde im Strahlenschutz /
    Dr. Torsten Tomppert
  • The Geometry of Beauty: Using CAD-CA; to Copy Natural Morphology / Dr. Florin Cofar
  • Benefits of Digital Workflows in Complex Rehabilitations: Predictability / Prof. Dr. Petra Gierthmühlen
  • Digitaler Workflow in der Rekonstruktiven Zahnmedizin / Prof. Dr. Wael Att
  • CAD/CAM Utilization in the Private Practice /
    Dr. Jonathan Ferencz
  • Digital Managment of the Supra-Implant Mucosa /
    PD Dr. Tim Joda
  • The use of composites in advanced aesthetic and functional rehabilitions / Prof. Dr. Didier Dietschi
  • Das Säure-Basen-Erfolgskonzept / Michael Droste-Laux
  • Endodontologische Aspekte nach Trauma /
    Prof. Dr. Gabriel Krastl, Arbeitskreis Endopur
  • Managing esthetic dilemmas – Current thoughts and techniques / Zürich
  • Wie finde ich den MB2-Kanal? / Dr. Oliver Pontius
  • Allgemeinmedizinische Aspekte, Pharmakologie und Anästhesie in der täglichen Zahnarztpraxis / Prof. Dr. Schäfer, Arbeitskreis Endopur
  • Wurzelkanalanatomie und deren Einfluss auf die endodontische Behandlung / Dr. Frank Paqué, Arbeitskreis Endopur
  • Regenerative Therapie bei aggressiver Parodontitis /
    Dr. Amelie Bäumer-König

Congresses and further training courses our dental team has attended in 2014 / 2015

  • Composite Artistry-Creating Anterior Masterpieces /
    Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr, DDS, MS
  • Israeli Afternoon of Dental Excellence
 / Prof. Dr. Nitzan Bixchacho, 
Dr. Cobi J. Landsberg DMD
  • 5. Gemeinschaftskongress Kinder-Zahn-Spange
    Ostheopathie in der Kinderbehandlung
  • Integrated Workflow in Implant Dentistry / Dr. P. Wöhrle
  • Grundlagen der ästhetischen Zahnheilkunde /
    Dr. D. Reusch
  • Fallplanung / Dr. M. Striegel, Dr. T. Schwenk
  • Noninvasive und minimalinvasive ästhetische Maßnahmen / Dr. U. Blunck
  • Funktion und Ästhetik der Zähne / Dr. D. Reusch
  • Vollkeramische Restaurationen / Dr. U. Blunck
  • Plastisch-ästhetische Parodontalchirurgie / Dr. G. Körner, Dr. A. Happe
  • Implantologie und Implantatprothetik / Dr. S. Marquardt
  • Jahreskongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Hypnose:
    „Wenn Seele und Körper schmerzen“

Congresses and further training courses our dental team has attended in 2012 / 2013

  • Restaurative Dentistry in a Digital World/ Fassbinder, DDS, Ann Arbor USA
  • Der richtige Zeitpunkt: Behandlung des kindlichen Bruxismus/ Prof Radlanski und Kollegen
  • Kongress: Deutscher Zahnärzte Tag
  • Pulparegeneration/ Dr. Pontius (Bad Homburg)
  • New Opportunities for Enhancement in the Esthetic Zone/ Dr.Doreen (Antwerpen)
  • Hit Man vs. Healer, Implemanting a Risk Assessment Strategy/ Dr. Kois/ Washington DC
  • Update Implantologie/ Prof. Watzek (Wien)
  • Behandlung von Malocclusion/ Prof. Smalleg (Seattle)
  • Functional occlusion and implants/ Prof. Klineberg, Dr. Trulsson
  • Nonsurgical and surgical approaching and their comparison with implants/ Prof. Kim (Philadelphia)
  • Patient specific Planning for Esthetic Implant Outcomes/ Prof. Phillips (Seattle)
  • Parodontitis und Allgemeinerkrankungen – Risikopatienten identifizieren und erfolgreich therapieren/ Prof. Deschner, Dr. Dipl. Biol. Sylke Dombrowka
  • Penn Endo Philosophy: Non surgical approaches and their comparison with implants; Syngcuk Kim, DDS,PhD MD (hon)
  • 11 Fortbildungswochenenden Curriculum Hypnose/ Prof.Dr.rer.nat Bongartz
  • Update Parodontologie/ Prof. Hoffmann (Dresden)
  • Mikrobiologie + P A /Prof. Schlagenauf (Würzburg)
  • Konventionelle P A-Therapie, Hemisektion, Radektomie/ Prof. Dörfler
  • Antibiotika in PA-Therapie/ Prof. Eickholz (Frankfurt am Main)
  • GTR-Chirurgie/ Dr. Bröseler (Aachen)

Congresses and further training courses our dental team has attended in 2011 / 2012


  • Medizinische Woche in Baden Baden – Kieferstörfelder und Organbeziehungen


Vocational training at the universities of Zurich and Basel, Switzerland

  • New Opportunities for Enhancement in the Esthetic Zone
    (Dr. E. v. Doreen, Antwerpen)
  • Osseointegration von Implantaten – Eine Retro- und Prospektive
    (Dr. B. Friberg, Göteborg) (Dr. T. Jenz) (Dr. Th. Albrekkson)
  • Interdisciplinary Communication and Smile Design
    (Dr. L. Coachman)
  • Penn Endo Philosophy: Nonsurgical and surgical approaches and their comparison with implants. (Dr. Kim, New York)
  • Hit Man vs. Healer, Implemanting a Risk Assessment
    Strategy (Dr. J. Kois, Washington DC)


Vocational training in Germany

  • Vollkeramiksymposium (Dr. Brodbech, Zürich)
    (Dr. Edelhoff, München) (Dr. Kern, Kiel)
  • Komposite in der Zahnheilkunde (Dr. W. Boer)
  • Parodontalchirurgie (Dr. Striegel, Dr. Schwenk, Nürnberg)
  • Chirurgie, Implantate und Keramikrestaurationen
    (Dr. Hajto, Dr. Caraci, München)
  • Funktionstherapie (Dr. Reusch, Westerburg)
  • Ästhetiksymposium (Prof. Klaiber, Würzburg)
  • Adhäsivverfahren in Front – und Seitenzahnbereich
    (Dr. Mörig, Düsseldorf)
  • Curriculum Endodontie (Prof. M. Trope, Univ. of Pennsylvania)
  • Curriculum Parodontologie (DGZ- Parodontologie und APW)
  • Notfälle in der Zahnarztpraxis


Visiting observer

  • Prof. Kim: Specialist of Endodontie (New York)

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